Our Team

Crystal Clemens

District Manager

As District Manager, Crystal Clemens utilizes her skills in management, leadership, and problem solving to support her clients in all aspects of district management.

Ms. Clemens has a sixteen-year background in government, thirteen at the county level, and two at the state level. She has nonprofit experience in grant administration program management and is certified as a Public Manager through the University of Kansas.

She also has a certification as an Elections Registration Administrator, and she served on the state of Kansas election task force and established a multilingual voting action plan.

Her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas.

In her spare time, Ms. Clemens enjoys camping, fishing, spending time with her family, and reading.


  • Special District Management2 years experience
  • Public Administration16 years experience
  • Elections16 years experience


  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational LeadershipFort Hays State University

Licenses & Certificates

  • Certified Public Manager