Services We Provide

District Management and Administration

Our established processes and procedures allow us to deliver sound administrative support, and manage a wide range of facilities, including parks, green belts, detention/storage ponds, irrigation systems, non-potable water systems, pools, recreational facilities, sewer, storm and water facilities. We create and track budgets, manage capital reports, track state deadlines, update constituent information, handle insurance, and facilitate contracts and legal agreements. On your behalf, we communicate with everyone from the Board to constituents, and we serve as a knowledgeable liaison for the District with local governments and constituents.

Finance and Accounting

We start by providing and proposing a sound annual budget, and maintaining it through monthly payables, periodic financials, and daily oversight. Through solid guidance, we help plan for the near and long-term future. We manage the annual audit process, debt compliance, external financial reporting, financial analysis and absorption modeling, financial feasibility, and assist with the issuance and placement of bonds.

Fire / EMS District Administration

We have the ability to provide all levels of administrative management support to the Board of Directors, Chief officer and staff in charge of department/district operations, with or without internal administrative staff. We assist by managing administrative tasks, supplying human resources support, communicating with constituents, implementing policies and procedures, training staff, ensuring compliance with state statutes, conducting elections, and providing administrative services during staffing extended leave.

Capital Infrastructure and Facility Management

Working with the project team of engineers, planners, construction managers, and other professionals, we provide administrative support for public infrastructure projects. Providing management of the public bidding process, administering contracts, project budget oversight, site observation, progress reports, and coordination of municipal and district acceptance.