Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc. is a comprehensive consulting firm providing District Management/Administration, Finance and Accounting, Fire/EMS District Administration and Capital Project Administration services to governmental entities and private entities. Governmental entities include municipalities, Metropolitan Districts, Fire/EMS Districts, Park and Recreation Districts, Water and Sanitation Districts, and all forms of Title 32 Special Districts.

Pinnacle’s foundational commitment to our core values, decades of special district experience, and strong relationships with governmental entities, attorneys, underwriters, engineers, contractors, and other professionals facilitates the desired success with every client. ┬áThe team collaboration of district management, finance and accounting, capital infrastructure and facility management is tailored to the specific needs of each unique and valued client.

We provide our clients with the highest level of expertise, efficiency and proven procedures in the industry.

“Pinnacle's knowledgeable staff has been instrumental in keeping us up-to-date on issues impacting our District and efficiently handling record keeping. The staff is able to respond quickly to inquiries on the spot during meetings, thus enabling Board members to make informed decisions.”

Jody Lindvall,
Chairman, Horse Mountain Metropolitan District