Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc. is a comprehensive consulting firm providing District Management/Administration, Finance and Accounting, Fire/EMS District Administration and Capital Project Administration services to governmental entities and private entities. Governmental entities include municipalities, Metropolitan Districts, Fire/EMS Districts, Park and Recreation Districts, Water and Sanitation Districts, and all forms of Title 32 Special Districts.

Pinnacle brings a commitment to core values, years of experience, and strong relationships with governmental entities, attorneys, underwriters, engineers, contractors, and other professionals to achieve the desired outcome with every project. The team collaboration of district management, finance and accounting, and capital project administration meets the specific needs of each unique and valued client.

We provide our clients with the highest level of expertise, efficiency and proven procedures in the industry.

“The growth of any small-to-medium combination fire agency follows along a path with sometimes predictable organizational hurdles. One of these hurdles, that is sometimes overlooked, is the ever-increasing financial complexity that comes with more employees (be they full-time, part-time, volunteer, or reserve) and a societal demand for transparency. The technical expertise that Pinnacle brings to the table is truly impressive, but beyond this talent, though, is the ability and genuine desire to craft a healthy, mutually respectful, and authentic relationship with their clients. It's this quality that I look for in our firefighters and this quality that I value above others in Pinnacle Consulting.

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Amanda Castle and the accounting team at Pinnacle Consulting (The lion's share of my contact has been with Amanda over the past couple of years, but I know that Irene and Teresa have been remarkable as well).”

Ron Bateman,
Fire Chief, Front Range Fire Rescue Authority